Cunningham Clinic: Specializing in SkinMedica and BioTE Products

Experience the SkinMedica Difference 

Whatever your skin care needs or challenges may be, you deserve healthier looking skin. That’s why SkinMedica has dedicated nearly two decades of research to formulating advanced products. Their science is complex, but the results are simple. Try SkinMedica products now and achieve transformative results from the inside out. 

Only the Best Hormone Therapy Supplements

BioTE nutraceuticals feature superior and essential supplements for patients suffering from a hormone deficiency. Each BioTE supplement promotes optimal hormone balance through high-quality micronutrients that are necessary for overall health, yet impossible to get from one’s daily diet.  BioTE supplements can improve your life!

Save on SkinMedica Products with Allē Points

Allē is a rewards program that helps you save on SkinMedica and Allergan products and services. 

After you have registered with Allē, simply use the phone number that you registered with as your account number.  You can access your Allē account anytime.

Register with us, and enter the phone number you used to register your account. Once you’ve ordered with us and used your Allē phone number, it will be saved to your account with Cunningham Clinic.

I love ordering from the Cunningham Clinic. They respond quickly and offer free shipping with all orders over 100. I appreciate their fast response. Plus if I contact them I get a personal response!”

The rep I spoke with was so nice, professional, and personable. I received the products quickly so this was a very enjoyable, painless experience.”

My skin care products were shipped quickly and my order was fulfilled as requested. I am blown away by the discount I received and the additional discount added by ordering with a subscription. Very satisfied!!!

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