BioTE DTP direct to patient
Another Option for Your Convenience

Choose to order direct from BioTE

You now have a new choice for ordering your BioTE nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals! It’s your option:

1 – Continue to order from Cunningham Clinic Store

2 – Register for an account and explore options at the BioTE Direct Ship Store.

When you order direct from BioTE, you receive pricing that is typically 5% lower than our Clinic sale prices. However, BioTE does not offer subscriptions or Clinic Reward Points at their Direct Ship Store. Register below and check it out for yourself!

What’s the difference between shopping at Cunningham Clinic and ordering direct from BioTE?

It’s your choice! We want to provide you with the options that work best for you. Don’t hesitate to  register with BioTE  and explore their store. 

Terrific Sale Prices

Clinic Reward Points: Up To 10% Back on Future Purchases

Free Shipping: Orders Over $100

EasySave Subscriptions for Discounts from Sale Pricing Plus Automatic Shipments

Prices Typically 5% Less than Cunningham Clinic Sale Prices

No Reward Points

Free Shipping: Orders Over $79

No Subscription Program

Register with BioTE and check it out for yourself!

Frequently asked questions

Is Cunningham Clinic going to continue selling BioTE nutraceuticals?

Yes! We will continue selling BioTE products, providing fast shipping, and offering great customer service with the options of subscriptions and reward points. We are not doing anything different, but you now have the choice to buy from us or directly from BioTE.

Are prices better if I order directly from BioTE?

We encourage you to register and compare to find out what the best option is for you! It will vary based on your individual order and what you are looking for. Typically, the prices at BioTE will be 5% less than our prices, but our subscription prices will generally be a little less than BioTE.

Does BioTE offer subscriptions and reward points?

At this time, any order from BioTE will be a one-time order with no accumulation of reward points.

Will Cunningham Clinic continue to honor reward points?

Yes! We are not changing any of our policies and will continue to honor reward points. They do expire after 9 months, so be sure to use them!

Does BioTE offer free shipping?

Yes, BioTE offers free shipping for orders over $79 and Cunningham Clinic offers free shipping for orders over $100. 

If I order from BioTE, do I need to cancel my subscription with Cunningham Clinic?

Yes! If you decide to order direct from BioTE, make sure your ongoing orders with Cunningham Clinic are cancelled so you don’t accidentally double up. Orders cannot be directly transferred from Cunningham Clinic to BioTE or vice versa.

If I register for an account with BioTE, do I have to order?

No! We encourage everyone to register and make an account with BioTE so you are able to look and see what would work best for you.

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