XYMOGEN PrebioMax – 60 Tablets

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XYMOGEN PrebioMax provides the gastrointestinal tract with xylooligosaccharides (XOS), prebiotic fermentable fibers that promote a healthy balance of gut microbiota to help maintain digestive health and promote improved body composition.  Natural sour apple, 60 tablets.

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What is XYMOGEN PrebioMax?

XYMOGEN PrebioMax provides the gastrointestinal tract with xylooligosaccharides (XOS), prebiotic fermentable fibers that selectively feed good bacteria and neutralize bad to help maintain digestive health.  Natural sour apple, 60 tablets.


What are the benefits of PrebioMax?

  • Promote body composition by balancing out the ratio between Bacteriodetes and Firmicutes
  • Supports healthy microbial activity in the GI tract
  • Helps maintain digestive health


What is PrebioMax used for?

Every individual has a unique profile of gut microflora that plays a role in their digestive health and ultimately their overall vitality. Probiotics are naturally occurring friendly bacteria that exist primarily in the small and large intestine. They are taken orally for the purpose of recolonizing beneficial microflora species. Prebiotics are fermentable fibers that are neither digested nor absorbed; they provide nourishment for the gut microbiome and promote the healthy environment needed for probiotic flora to thrive. Specific kinds of prebiotic fibers can allow proliferation of some species over others, which can lead to a beneficial balancing effect in the gut microbiome.

The two most dominant gut microbial phyla are Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes. Human and animal studies have identified differences in the Firmicutes/Bacteriodetes (F/B) ratio in gut microbiota in obese compared to lean subjects. It appears that in obese subjects, a reduced Bacteroidetes proportion occurs; it is observed as an increase in the Firmicutes Lactobacillus species and a decrease in the Bacteriodetes Bifidobacterium species compared to lean subjects [Finegold SM, Li Z, Summanen PH, et al. Food Funct. 2014 Mar;5(3):436-445.doi:10.1039/c3fo60348b, Rinninella E, Raoul P, Cintoni M, et al. Microorganisms. 2019;7(1):14.doi:10.3390/microorganisms7010014].


What is in XYMOGEN PrebioMax?

PreticX – PreticX has been shown to have an optimizing effect on beneficial microbes at lower doses than other prebiotic fibers. The low, effective dose is a convenience as well as a contributing factor to the comparatively less reported side effects. Xylooligosaccharides have promising potential for use as an agent for maintaining and improving intestinal microflora balance and for enhanced overall health and well-being.


What are XYMOGEN products?

Xymogen products are science-backed supplements designed to support your overall health and well-being.  Discover how Xymogen products can help you achieve your health goals.  Read more about XYMOGEN products.


Unsure about all the probiotic options?

Explore this page and discover the Xymogen probiotic that supports for your unique needs.


How can I get started with XYMOGEN PrebioMax?

Are you ready to start feeling better? Starting with PrebioMax is easy. Simply schedule an appointment with Cunningham Clinic, discuss your concerns with your provider and then pick up your nutraceutical gradePrebioMax.

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